Ink Around the World: A Comprehensive Guide to Global Tattoo Events and Conventions

Ink Around the World: A Comprehensive Guide to Global Tattoo Events and Conventions

Tattoo events and conventions are gatherings that bring together tattoo enthusiasts, artists, suppliers, and collectors from around the world. These events provide a unique opportunity for attendees to get tattooed by renowned artists, learn about the latest techniques and trends, network with fellow enthusiasts, and celebrate the art of tattooing. Below is a guide to some of the most prominent tattoo events and conventions happening across the globe.

1. London Tattoo Convention (United Kingdom)
Date: September
Location: Tobacco Dock, London
The London Tattoo Convention is one of the most prestigious events in the tattoo world. With over 400 international tattoo artists, live music, art exhibitions, and seminars, this convention attracts thousands of attendees every year.

2. Mondial du Tatouage (France)
Date: February/March
Location: Grande Halle de la Villette, Paris
The Mondial du Tatouage is a massive international tattoo convention held annually in Paris. With an impressive lineup of renowned artists, the event showcases various tattoo styles, live performances, and contests.

3. Sydney Tattoo Expo (Australia)
Date: March
Location: International Convention Centre, Sydney
The Sydney Tattoo Expo is one of the largest tattoo events in the Southern Hemisphere. It features over 300 local and international artists, live entertainment, tattoo contests, and seminars.

4. New York Empire State Tattoo Expo (United States)
Date: July
Location: New York Hilton Midtown, New York City
The New York Empire State Tattoo Expo is a premier tattoo event that brings together some of the world's top tattoo artists, suppliers, and enthusiasts. This three-day convention features live tattooing, art exhibits, seminars, and contests.

5. International Tattoo Convention Frankfurt (Germany)
Date: April
Location: Messe Frankfurt, Frankfurt
The International Tattoo Convention Frankfurt is one of the largest tattoo conventions in Europe, attracting more than 600 tattoo artists from around the world. The event includes live tattooing, body painting, art exhibitions, and tattoo contests.

6. Milano Tattoo Convention (Italy)
Date: February
Location: MiCo Milano Congressi, Milan
The Milano Tattoo Convention is a prestigious event that brings together over 400 international tattoo artists, suppliers, and enthusiasts. The three-day event features live tattooing, seminars, art exhibits, and tattoo competitions.

7. Japan Tattoo Expo (Japan)
Date: October
Location: Tokyo Big Sight, Tokyo
The Japan Tattoo Expo is the largest tattoo event in Japan, showcasing the best of Japanese and international tattoo artists. This two-day convention includes live tattooing, seminars, and various tattoo contests.

8. Sao Paulo Tattoo Festival (Brazil)
Date: November
Location: Pro Magno Centro de Eventos, São Paulo
The Sao Paulo Tattoo Festival is a major tattoo event in South America, featuring top tattoo artists from Brazil and around the world. The three-day event includes live tattooing, art exhibitions, seminars, and tattoo competitions.

9. Vancouver Tattoo and Culture Show (Canada)
Date: April
Location: Vancouver Convention Centre, Vancouver
The Vancouver Tattoo and Culture Show is an annual event that showcases local and international


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