Top 10 Classic American Tattoo Studios in Dublin

Steeped in a vibrant history and a culture that values art and self-expression, Dublin is a city where tattooing thrives. In particular, the Classic American tattoo style - renowned for its bold lines, vibrant colours, and iconic imagery - has found a home here. In this blog, we'll highlight the top 10 studios in Dublin where you can get a stunning Classic American tattoo.

  1. Classic Ink Tattoo Studio: Living up to its name, Classic Ink has a strong reputation for its exceptional work in the Classic American style. Their experienced artists bring both technical skills and creativity to each piece.
  2. The Ink Factory: Located in the heart of Dublin, The Ink Factory offers a diverse range of tattoo styles. Their interpretation of Classic American designs stands out for its authenticity and artistic flair.
  3. Wildcat Ink: With two locations in Dublin, Wildcat Ink is a go-to studio for high-quality Classic American tattoos. Their artists’ attention to detail and love for the traditional style is evident in every piece they create.
  4. Colour Works Tattoo Studio: This award-winning studio is home to a team of skilled artists who excel in a variety of styles, including Classic American. They create tattoos that are as enduring as the style itself.
  5. Dublin Ink: Dublin Ink has established itself as a premier tattoo studio, particularly noted for its work in the Classic American style. Their artistic talent combined with a friendly and professional atmosphere makes for an unforgettable tattooing experience.
  6. JMDs Body Art: This family-run tattoo and piercing studio in Dublin city centre is known for its unique and high-quality Classic American tattoos. Their seasoned artists create stunning pieces that embody the spirit of the style.
  7. ReINKarnated Tattoo Studio: Situated in Parliament Street, ReINKarnated is committed to providing their clients with beautiful Classic American tattoos. Their passion for this traditional style is reflected in their work.
  8. Skin City Tattoo: Serving Dublin for over 20 years, Skin City Tattoo has a wealth of experience in the Classic American style. They create timeless tattoos with a unique touch.
  9. Spilled Ink Tattoo Studio: In the Northside of Dublin, Spilled Ink Tattoo Studio has earned a reputation for their impressive Classic American tattoos. Their artists blend tradition with creativity, resulting in striking pieces of body art.
  10. ArtHouse Tattoo: With an emphasis on high-quality, custom tattoos, ArtHouse Tattoo offers stunning Classic American designs. Their experienced artists are dedicated to making each tattoo a work of art.

If you’re looking to get a Classic American tattoo in Dublin, these studios offer exceptional work. Remember, the best tattoo is not just about the design but also about choosing an artist and studio that makes you feel comfortable. Do your research, take your time, and most importantly, enjoy the process!

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