5x5 with Eterno8

5x5 with Eterno8

For our third 5×5 feature we’re featuring travelling, nomad tattooer, Eterno8. With his heavy black imagery and occasional use of bright neon colours Eterno has a unique and incredibly striking style and is one of my favourite tattooers.

What are your 5 favourite images to tattoo?

I’m always trying to make drawings look from a different point of view, escaping from established guides.
    1. Pro-animal themes.
    2. FREEDOM against submission themes.
    3. Motivational and positive themes.
    4. Concepts or ideas that have deep meaning for the person who get it tattooed, does´t matter if it’s easily understandable for other people.
    5.Stuff influenced from 80´s, 90´s.

Where are your 5 favourite places (Shops, Cities etc) to work?

It is difficult to say as there is always stuff to love everywhere and amazing experiences and people, and I will need more than 5 to be fair:
   Strong Hold Tattoo , Cardiff, Wales.
   Two Hands Tattoo, in Auckland, New Zealand.
   El Gato Negro, Donostia, Vask Country.
   Happy Pets Ink, Laussane, Swiss.
   AKA Berlin, Germany.
   Plastic Surgery, Rome, Italy.
   Vienna Electric, Vienna, Austria.
   LTW Barcelona, Spain.
   Wild Rose in Seoul, South Korea.
   My private studio on Ibiza.
   And many more…
Who are your 5 biggest inspirations?
1. My father, he is not tattooer but he is an inspiration that keep my mind firm about what I am.
2. Sabina, my partner for the same reason, she is strong, pure and natural.
3. Rubin “Hurricane” Carter, for his attitude on life.
4.Duncan X, I´m really strict about don´t get influenced from other tattooers but for me he is the original one.
5. Life.
5 favourite tattoos you’ve done?
Eterno8 - Swallows&Daggers - Clothing & StreetwearEterno8 - Swallows&Daggers - Clothing & StreetwearEterno8 - Swallows&Daggers - Clothing & StreetwearEterno8 - Swallows&Daggers - Clothing & StreetwearEterno8 - Swallows&Daggers - Clothing & Streetwear
5 tattoos that have impressed you lately?
1. Servadio (@servadio_) (OTR)
Servadio - Swallows&Daggers - Clothing & Streetwear
2. Joshua Solomon (@joshuaxsolomon) (Two Hands Tattoo)
Joshua Solomon - Swallows&Daggers - Clothing & Streetwear
3. Hiro (@hirocp) (Cotton Pickin’ Tattoo)
Hiro - Swallows&Daggers - Clothing & Streetwear
4. Ben Grillo (@bengrillo) (American Tattoo)
Ben Grillo - Swallows&Daggers - Clothing & Streetwear
5. Ash Davies (@ashmadethis) (Stronghold Tattoo)
Ash Davies - Swallows&Daggers - Clothing & Streetwear
You can find Eterno on instagram @eterno8 or at http://www.eternonomad.com/
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