We Interviewed Stockholm Based Artist Joel Soos and asked him 5 Important Questions...

1) How long have you been tattooing? What was the main reason behind the choice to become a tattooer? 

I’m on my 13th year at this point. I chose tattooing because I was never able to find anything else that was equally challenging and rewarding. Plus it kinda consumes you once you get into it so there’s really nothing else that seems viable as a full time job.

2)What are your influences/who inspires you the most? 

Definitely my best friend Judd Ripley. I‘ve stolen everything off him, from his stencils down to his fake Australian accent.

3)Can you talk a little bit about your journey to your current style? 

I don’t really have a specific style. I’m mostly known for traditional western but I do everything from single needle work to large scale Japanese. As for how my “art” has improved over the years, that just comes down to drawing every day and actually trying to improve, not just doing the same thing every time I pick up a pen or tattoo machine.


4)Do you think there are challenges in being a tattoo artist?

 Oh absolutely. Nowadays it’s harder than ever to stay relevant and busy I think. I’ve always lucked out when it comes to that but I see a lot of actual talent and knowledgeable, consistent craftspeople that know good tattooing struggle for work. Meanwhile, some that shouldn’t be let near a machine are thriving. That’s just the way it goes when everything is out in the open and subjected to the whims of Instagram I guess.

5)What was the first tattoo you ever did on someone else?

Hm, I don’t remember. Maybe a diamond on my friend’s wrist? The first paying customer was a Roman numeral though!

HUGE THANK YOU Joel for sharing this with us.

You can find Joel's work on Instagram @joel_soos

For appointments contact: joelsoostattoo@gmail.com

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