We Interviewed Australian Based Artist Ayden Thomas and asked him 5 important questions:

1)How long have you been tattooing? What was the main reason behind the choice to become a tattooer?

I’ve been tattooing full time for 4 years and I started because a friend Lauren Melina got me into it and helped me get my first apprenticeship. That lasted 9 months and i quit. After that I moved to Canada and just worked on my painting/drawing. One year later I moved back to Australia and got my next apprenticeship at bloodlines ink where I still work now. 

2)What are your influences/who inspires you the most?

I get inspired from so many different things from music to architecture but if I’d have to say “who” inspires me I’d say tattooists Bert Grimm, Ben Corday, Amund Dietzel, Percy Waters and many more.

3)Can you talk a little bit about your journey to your current style? 

I was very interested in the history of tattooing in the world wars 1 and 2. I would buy all the books I could about the old days of tattooing and now I re-draw and take a lot from the traditional American and European tattooist. I’m so happy I fell into this style because the traditional tattoo community is filled with amazing people.

4)What was the first tattoo you ever did on someone else?

I tattooed a rose on my mum! It was her first tattoo and the first tattoo I did. Love mum so much! She also didn’t like tattoos so it was extra special she let me do it.

5)Do you think there are challenges in being a tattoo artist?

I think that working for myself, trying to be the best I can and feeling like work never stops. Tattooing has become my life and I find it hard to balance family, friends and work. I tattoo most days and draw/paint at night, finding time for anything else and not feeling guilty about it is so hard. But hard work always pays off and I’m thankful for where I am. 

HUGE THANK YOU Ayden for sharing this with us.

You can Follow Ayden on Instagram @ayden_thomas

You can book in contact: ayden.thomas.tattoo@hotmail.com


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