5x5 with Osang Kwon

For no.22 in our 5×5 series I’ve chosen Osang Kwon. Working out of numerous shops on his travels.  Osang does stark blackwork drawing inspiration from woodcuts and historical reference, alchemy and sacred geometry.

What are your 5 favourite images to tattoo?

  1. Devils in purgatory’s history.

  2. 14th Century torture imagery

  3. Medieval stuff.

  4. Alchemy stuff.

  5. Sacred geometry.

Your 5 favourite places to tattoo?

  1. Hiddenmoontattoo, Melbourne, Australia.
  2. Bluelady tattoo, Melbourne, Australia.
  3. Darling parlour tattoo, Sydney, Australia.
  4. Mick gore studio, Taiwan.
  5. The 59tattoo shop, Hongkong.

Your 5 biggest inspirations?

  1. Surreal art.

  2. Rock and roll.

  3. Esotericism.

  4. Mike giant.

  5. @Goatblackeyed.

5 favourite tattoos you’ve done?

Osang Kwon - Swallows&Daggers - Clothing & StreetwearOsang Kwon - Swallows&Daggers - Clothing & StreetwearOsang Kwon - Swallows&Daggers - Clothing & StreetwearOsang Kwon - Swallows&Daggers - Clothing & StreetwearOsang Kwon - Swallows&Daggers - Clothing & Streetwear

5 tattoos that have impressed you lately?

Scumboy (@scumboy666) (Private Studio)
Scumboy - Swallows&Daggers - Clothing & Streetwear

The Magic Rosa (@themagicrosa) (OTR)
Magic Rosa - Swallows&Daggers - Clothing & Streetwear

Duncan X (@duncanxtattoos) (IN2U)
Duncan X - Swallows&Daggers - Clothing & Streetwear

Alessandro Florio (@alessandroflorio) (Puto Amor Tattoo)
Allesandro Florio - Swallows&Daggers - Clothing & Streetwear

Papanatos (@papanatostattoos) (Papanatos Tattoo)
Papantos - Swallows&Daggers - Clothing & Streetwear


You can find Osang on instagram @osangbrutal or at various shops across the globe.

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