5x5 with Joe Ellis

For no.4 in our 5×5 series (checkout Scott MoveLuxiano Street-Classic and Eterno8's) we’ve turned to Leeds based tattooer, Joe Ellis. Joe uses strong traditional imagery in his own unique way and works out of the powerhouse that is Sacred Electric Tattoo alongside Sway, Wolfspit, Shaun Bailey and Jimmy Wizard.


What are your 5 favourite images to tattoo?
I tattoo mostly traditional. my favourite themes are:

  1. American History
  2. Circus/Sideshow
  3. Religious
  4. Birds
  5. Animals.

Where are your 5 favourite places to work?

  1. Sacred Electric, Leeds UK
  2. Modern Classic, London UK
  3. Bold as Brass, Liverpool UK
  4. Salon Serpent, Amsterdam
  5. Brighton convention, UK

Who are your 5 biggest inspirations?

Inspiration doesn’t come to me through pieces of work/art. I’m inspired by other peoples attitudes and application. some constant
  1. P. Waters
  2. E. Hardy
  3. Stoney St. Clair
  4. B. Grimm
  5. My close friends and the guys at sacred electric

5 favourite tattoos you’ve done?

Joe Ellis - Swallows&Daggers - Clothing & StreetwearJoe Ellis - Swallows&Daggers - Clothing & StreetwearJoe Ellis - Swallows&Daggers - Clothing & StreetwearJoe Ellis - Swallows&Daggers - Clothing & Streetwear

Joe Ellis - Swallows&Daggers - Clothing & Streetwear

5 tattoos that have impressed you lately?

Stuart Cripwell (@stuartgcripwell) (Private Studio)
Stuart Cripwell - Swallows&Daggers - Clothing & Streetwear

Max Kuhn (@max_kuhn) (OTR)
Max Kuhn - Swallows&Daggers - Clothing & Streetwear

J.A. Watkins (@jayblkmgc) (Spider Murphys)
J.A. Watkins - Swallows&Daggers - Clothing & Streetwear

Cheyenne Sawyer (@cheyennesawyer) (Atlas Tattoo)
Cheyenne Sawyer - Swallows&Daggers - Clothing & Streetwear

Bailey Hunter Robinson (@baileyhrobinson) (Private Studio)
Bailey Hunter Robinson - Swallows&Daggers - Clothing & Streetwear


You can find Joe on instagram @joeellistattoo or working at Sacred Electric Tattoo in Leeds.


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