The Best Tattoo Artists in London

The Best Tattoo Artists in London

Welcome to the diverse and colorful world of body art! This post will take you on a journey through the bustling streets of London, the heart of the UK, where some of the world’s most gifted tattoo artists call home. In this city, you will find an array of styles - from traditional and tribal to watercolor, realism, and more. Here, we delve into the best tattoo artists in London, each with their unique styles and approaches that make them stand out.

1. [Mo Coppoletta – The Family Business](

Our first stop is The Family Business, a tattoo studio in Exmouth Market. The Italian-born tattooist, Mo Coppoletta, founded this studio, and it has since become a landmark in London's tattoo scene. Coppoletta’s mastery in color and black and grey realism is remarkable.

2. [Claudia De Sabe – Seven Doors Tattoo](

Claudia De Sabe, a co-founder of Seven Doors Tattoo in the heart of Shoreditch, excels in Japanese traditional tattoos. Her tattoos are a blend of her Italian roots and Japanese traditional art, creating a unique style that's both delicate and powerful.

3. [Scott Move – Parliament Tattoo](

Parliament Tattoo is home to several of London's top tattoo artists, including Scott Move. Known for his intricate blackwork and dot work tattoos, Move's artistry is truly second to none. His work often explores themes of nature and the macabre, creating a hauntingly beautiful aesthetic.

4. [Snez – Good Times Tattoo](

Snez at Good Times Tattoo in Shoreditch is celebrated for her bold and vibrant traditional tattoos. Her striking designs and vivid colors breathe new life into this classic style, making her a sought-after artist in the city.

5. [Rebecca Vincent – Parliament Tattoo](

Also at Parliament Tattoo is Rebecca Vincent, who specializes in intricate blackwork and dot work. Her minimalistic yet highly detailed designs are mesmerizing, showcasing her precision and creativity.

6. [Dominique Holmes – The Family Business](

Another talented artist at The Family Business is Dominique Holmes. Her style ranges from intricate linework and dot work to beautifully rendered black and grey realism. Holmes' tattoos often feature nature themes, but she is versatile and can create stunning designs across various styles.

7. [Delphin Musquet – Sang Bleu Tattoo](

At Sang Bleu Tattoo Studio in Dalston, you'll find the French tattoo artist, Delphin Musquet. His style is a unique blend of traditional and neo-traditional, often incorporating elements of surrealism and the occult.

These are just a handful of the talented tattoo artists that London has to offer. Before you decide to get a tattoo, remember to thoroughly research the artist and studio, consider their style, and ensure they align with your vision. Happy tattoo hunting!

Please note: Links will direct you to the artists’ official websites or their respective tattoo studios. Prior to booking, please ensure you're of legal age to get a tattoo in the UK (18+), and always follow post-care instructions to maintain the quality of your tattoo and avoid any potential health risks.
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